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Grievances against the
State of Colorado

Our community continues to be harmed by legislation and executive orders in multiple ares of every day life. 

Anti-Business Laws and Executive Orders

Wyoming is far more business friendly, resulting in better job opportunities and a lower cost of living.


Critical Race Theory in Schools

Schools in Wyoming focus on educating kids and preparing them for a productive life, not on indoctrinating kids with Woke ideologies. 


Government Overreach During Covid Outbreak

Colorado closed small businesses and churches while leaving big businesses, weed dispensaries and liquor stores open.


Anti-Second Ammendment Laws and Executive Orders

Wyoming is a constitutional carry state with much more sensible limitations on law-abiding gun owners. 


Taxation and Misuse of Public Funds 

Colorado levies a 4.6% personal and business income tax (WY is 0%) and spends it on un-economical projects and programs which raise the cost of living for normal citizens. 


Rising Homelessness, Drug Use, and Crime

Colorado is following in the footsteps of California in allowing criminal behavior to thrive in our city streets. 

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